"[an] outstanding documentary... a fine piece of TV." The Observer.
"Riveting and revealing" The Sunday Times.
"Excellent documentary... Thoughtful television." The Guardian
"An intelligent and thought-provoking film." The Daily Telegraph
"[a] riveting documentary" Radio Times

In the News:
What Felix the Monkey Taught Me About Animal Research, Mail on Sunday Review
Father of Animal Activism Backs Monkey Testing, Sunday Times
Animal Guru Gives Tests His Blessing, The Observer

An outstanding documentary... One of the many triumphs of Adam Wishart's film was that it showed Broughton to be a skilled, passionate, articulate and charismatic leader..... the documentary remained clear-eyed and carefully unsentimental - about the rights of animals, about the rights of people, about the difficulty of engaging in rational debate with fanatical anti-vivisectionists and of drawing rational boundaries around the privileging of human comfort over animal. Lucy Mangan, in The Guardian.

Wishart brilliantly caught the essence of his “characters”: Broughton’s unyielding activism, Professor Aziz’s innate eccentricity, and the spooky steeliness of Laurie Pycroft, a teenager incensed by the antis, who having started a pro-testing website, went on to lead a march, the first of its kind in more than 100 years, through the streets of Oxford in favour of the new lab. In a wonderful moment, Wishart captured Pycroft being primed by one of his spotty teenage cohorts turned spin doctor. There was lots of sharp detail. Tim Teeman, The Times.

Monkeys, Rats and Me was a neat piece of work. The Telegraph

The Web:
"That Scottish lass I found particularly repugnant. Although I think actual violence would harm our cause, I wouldn't lose any sleep if a "lone nut" was stupid enough to... well, do nasty stuff in her environ. I am someone who genuinely loves rats - rats are god's creatures, sacred animals, the most humble of all beings - and consider people who cause them harm to be the worst sort of scum."
"I personally hope that aziz and pro-test 3*$*%^%( get harmed, violently by an ARA. And die a slow painful death. If I had a gun, and the location of their whereabouts and transport, I'd do it right fucking now."