"Monkeys, Rats and Me" is now online

My documentary about animal rights and experimentation that was broadcast on the BBC in November has been placed online, not sure by whom.

Felix the Monkey

I'm told by my sources close to the animal liberation movement that the film is also being recut and portions of it are being passed around with their own particular slant. In the event that I can't police that, I figure that having the full thing downloadable at least allows people to see it in its full context.

I really hope more people get to see it. Although the images are a little dodgy, I think the content is as vibrant as provoking as ever.

I'm not sure what the copyright status of it is, I imagine many of the rights are part of the blanket BBC deal. But until the BBC gets its act together to put all this kind of stuff up immediately after its broadcast it seems like its fair game for it to be online.

The links are as follows.
On Google Video. Here.
And in the Internet Archive. Here
I guess its not on Youtube because it doesn't break into 10 minute chunks.

Links to the very fine reviews are here.