Parents, don't fall for this pesticide/cancer scare story

The Guardian have kindly published a piece by me in their repsonse page.

The myth that pesticide residues are causing a rise in cancers has once again surfaced (Scientists warn parents on pesticides and plastics, March 21). Professor Vyvyan Howard and John Newby of Liverpool University argue that "low levels of chemicals from pesticides and plastics could affect the development of babies before they are born and increase their likelihood of developing cancer later in life". In fact, although the claim is intuitively appealing, it is unlikely to be true. During the three and a half years researching my book on the history and science of cancer, I found no mainstream scientific organisation that subscribes to this theory and I repeatedly met scientists who complained that there is little evidence to justify it.

And it continues like this. Link

This was the original article.

Interestingly the Guardian ran a whole pile of letters about the subject.