Professor Karol Sikora Review

Karol Sikora, a Professor of Cancer has just sent me his comments on my book, ONE IN THREE.

He says,

"An amazing book - combining the personal story of one man's cancer journey seen through the eyes of his son with the history of cancer from the Ebers Papyrus of 1600BC to the molecular therapies of the 21st century. It's a mine of extremely well researched information, written with great clarity and style. It demystifies the cancer establishment on both sides of the Atlantic - the conventional and the less so. It explains the background to treatments - surgery, radiotherapy and drugs whilst dealing with society's ultimate goal - cancer prevention. It has something for everyone and is not biased toward any pet conspiracy theory. The shelves on cancer are filled with many wacky, self opionated and often simply inaccurate books. This is not one of such - it stands out as being an intelligent, balanced review of a complex and emotive subject. It's simply the best in its class today. Essential reading for anyone who has cancer or loves someone with the disease."

As he is one of the leading cancer specialists in Britain, the author of one of the post-graduate texts on the subject, and an advisor to the World Health Organisation, I'd say I'm thrilled.