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Clare Boyd

Aylesbury is many things, but definitely not a 'quiet Home Counties market town'. Together with its even uglier sister, High Wycombe, it takes the overspill from ethnic minority communities around Heathrow. The area suffers from comparative poverty (comparative to the affluent commuter lands of Gerrards Cross and Beaconsfield) and both towns have suffered from racial tension (white underclass/Afro Caribbean/Asian) for decades. In a bizarre way, Samantha is a poster girl for some kind of unusual integration between the communities.

I was touched by personal irony and sadness by the programme. I left the area a year ago, no longer able to countenance being abused in the streets where I grew up for being the wrong colour. My brother (also from the area) was actually on the Aldgate East train - almost blown up by someone from round the corner. He has also now left, feeling safer in New York.

The only time I hear mention of my home these days is in connection with the worst possible criminal activity. Terrorism. Child sex abuse rings. Drugs.

I may be nostalgic, but homesick, I'm most certainly not.


Watched tonight your programme about Samantha "The white widow" Couldn't believe seeing someone i grew up with.. Went school with and played football in the town of Wajir "North Eastern Province" club named BARCELONA... We were the champions in that distract from 98-2002!! Am talking about Musa Hussien... We used to call him Musa Sampiao...nicknamed after the Brazilian Midfielder... He was a good midfield player and typical lad who we used to watch any movies especially Hollywood films... Kinda he used to like Will Smith.
Well after 2002 world cup...he went to Nairobi and started studying Islamic school and that was the last time i ever heard about him.. At the end of your documentary seeing him laying dead was a shock for me... How did he ended up in that kinda life!!

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