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J Turner

I've not seen Adam Wishart's programme yet, but I hope that he will examine the use of outdated and narrowly focused statistical models by NICE in order arrive at their decisions.

A. Augarde

Dear Adam Wishart,

You obviously tried to be even-handed in your programme tonight on BBC2 about NICE but you failed to deal adequately with one important point: government responsibility.

You made it clear that the government lays down guidelines for the work of NICE, which are based primarily on monetary considerations. The government may have decided to spend the huge amount of £90 billion on the NHS, but you didn't ask if more money could be available to meet the numerous needs of the NHS. Yet the government spends more than £30 billion of our money on armies and armaments - supposedly to protect our people against future wars. Yet people are allowed to die when at least some of that money could be much better spent on saving or extending people's lives NOW.

Our government, whichever party leads it, can choose ethical priorities. But they all waste huge amounts of our taxes on things that don't deserve prioritisation.

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